Single Room

High wall air conditioners

Designed to comfortably heat and cool a single room, Haier’s high wall air conditioners feature innovative technologies and smart home compatibility. Find the right option for your space from our range of models.

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Quartz Model Range


Our most energy-efficient high wall model, Quartz delivers a premium design, advanced UV Protect and Coanda Plus airflow.

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Flexis Model Range


Equipped with an Eco sensor, Flexis helps you save energy when your room is unoccupied.

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Pinnacle Model Range


The Pinnacle series includes advanced UV Protect sterilisation for fresh, clean air, and Coanda Plus airflow.

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Tempo Model Range


An affordable model within our range, Tempo includes our core technologies and functions, such as Self-clean and Wi-Fi capability.

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High Wall Features

Clean and healthy air

Focusing on air quality, Haier has developed a range of technologies that help to keep your air conditioner clean, functioning efficiently, and putting out fresh, clean air into your home.

UV Protect

UV Protect technology in our top models helps to deliver clean air to your room on Health mode, with built-in LED UV lights that kill airborne Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and the H3N2 virus at more than 91% effectiveness under test conditions.*


A clean air conditioner means fresher airflow in your home. Haier’s Self-clean function uses Cold Expansion technology to freeze the evaporator and remove dirt through melting. And an anti-bacterial silver ion coating on the evaporator inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould.

Over the shoulder shot of a woman using the SmartHQ&trade app single room heat pump;

Smart control

With a forward-thinking approach to connected living, Haier’s high wall air conditioners have built-in Wi-Fi capability. This means you can control your air conditioning from anywhere, creating a comfortable environment before you arrive home. Simply use the SmartHQ™ app on your phone, or try voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart speakers.

Innovations for comfortable airflow

Coanda Plus airflow diagram of Haier high wall heat pump

Coanda Plus

Drawing on the principles of aerodynamics, Coanda Plus technology in our top high wall models circulates air quickly and evenly. The louvre design includes features such as a dual blade deflector, which creates optimal pressure to send air further and faster throughout your room.

Visualization of heat dispersion within a single room air conditioner

Intelligent Air

Circulating air intuitively, Intelligent Air ensures a comfortable flow of air based on the temperature. When heating, air is sent to the floor, where it gradually rises to fill your space. And when cooling, air is directed upwards before sinking, avoiding direct gusts of cold air.

Diagram of the inner workings of the Inverter Air Conditioner Plus technology

Inverter Plus

Compared to conventional inverter motors, Haier’s Inverter Plus technology integrates three types of control – TLFM, PID and A-PAM** – to increase the energy efficiency and reliability of your air conditioner, and enable fast and precise temperature control.

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Talk to an installer about your heat pump

For help choosing the right model and size for your space, contact an installer today. Haier has a wide network of accredited installers who can support your through the process from consultation to installation.

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*Independent testing has found 91.47% elimination of the H3N2 virus in a 30 metre3 closed room and 92.78% of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in a 10m3 closed room, for two hours on Health mode at the highest fan speed.

**Triple Link Frequency Modulation (TLFM), Proportion Integration Differentiation (PID), and Adoption-Pulse Amplitude Modulation (A-PAM).